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Operational Headquarters Italy
via G.Ferraris 13
43036 Fidenza Parma
Phone +39 0524533487
Fax +39 0524335776
Operational Headquarters Chile
Av. Hernando de Magallanes, 1042
Las Condes - Santiago
Phone +56 24586556
Paolo Rebecchi
Mobile +39 3454469637
Maurizio Colombi
Mobile +39 3454472796
Paola Usberti
Ester Rebecchi


Our registered headquarters is located near Parma, in Italy, and we also have an operations office in Santiago of Chile.
We can cover there, from the professional point of view, every region in the World: we usually work in Europe, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, USA, etc.. For more information take a look to our works.